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The Polygon

Feature Documentary

Adam Schomer and veteran actress Kimberley Jospeh (Lost, Cold Feet ) take us on a journey to understand a Kazakh village that lies just 18km from a former Soviet Nuclear Test site.


The Polygon was responsible for over 600 nuclear explosions that left the land, water & local people irradiated forever. Furthering the problem, the Kazakh Government that fought so hard to stop the testing and gain independence from the Soviet Union 20 years ago, has turned its back and left the villagers forgotten and fending for themselves on the vast Kazakh Steppe. 


Released in 2015

Availalbe on Amazon Prime. 

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Produced/Directed by Adam Schomer & Kimberley Joseph

Cinematographers: Scott Chrisman, Milton Cam

Edited by: Scott Chrisman, Yaffa Larea, Dan Perret

Music by: Vivek Maddala

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