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One Little Pill

Feature Documentary

"Your alcoholism will kill you before your HIV does,” says a doctor to one of our characters. Worldwide, alcohol abuse kills more people than HIV, nearly 2.5 million per year. 


Adam Schomer & i2i Productions’ commitment to awareness and social justice continues in this compelling and eye opening documentary about the treatment for alcoholism that has been hidden from the public for too long.


For more information on how to learn about and use the Sinclair Method, named after Dr David Sinclair's discoveries in Finland, please goto the c3 foundation site.

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Written and Directed by Adam Schomer

Produced by Adam Schomer & i2i Productions

Narrated by Claudia Christian

Cinematographers: Scott Chrisman, Adam Schomer

Edited by: Barry Rubinow

Music by: Michael Mollura

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