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i2i Productions, is known for going to extreme places and lengths to follow heroic stories that empower you. Our award winning film THE HIGHEST PASS (2012) was theatrically released and took a deep look at fear and death amidst an epic Himalayan motorcycle adventure. THE POLYGON (2014) explored the villages most affected by forty years of Soviet nuclear testing and the people who band together to survive when government turns a blind eye. ONE LITTLE PILL (2015) reveals a startlingly simple new method to treat alcoholism that has been held back for too long.

THE ROAD TO DHARMA (2020) is an 10 episode Docu-Series for television that follows a courage group of real people seeking freedom on a motorcycle adventure through the Himalayas to four sacred sites of freedom. This uniquely intelligent series combines travel, adventure, and spirituality in a way that will inspire curiosity in us all; what can be more important than freedom. 

Adam Schomer produced the film and strategized the release of the feature documentary HEAL (2017) that looks at the science and journey behind changing one’s beliefs, thoughts, emotions and perceptions in order to cure disease. HEAL is a #1 Best-Selling Documentary on iTunes, released on NETFLIX in 2019, partnered with Hay House Publishing for the Heal Summit and features the likes of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joan Borysenko, Anita Moorjani and many more esteemed consciousness experts. WOMEN OF THE WHITE BUFFALO (2022) is a feature documentary diving into the missing and murdered indigenous women of the Lakota Tribe and the spirit of those women that can no longer go unheard.

We are currently in production on an incredible feature documentary SELLING SUPERMAN (2024)

i2i Productions is located in Santa Monica, California.

Our mission is to Unite Through Wisdom and Entertainment

Adam Schomer

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Adam Schomer is a documentary film and TV Director, Writer, Producer and the president of i2i Productions.  Recently he produced and released the incredibly successful HEAL (2017) documentary, a #1 iTunes Best-Seller and NETFLIX hit, created three Heal Summits with self help powerhouse Hay House, and managed all international deals, like the #2 best selling DVD for Germany.  Adam directed and created THE ROAD TO DHARMA 10-episodes television series (2020) and the incredibly impactful companion online course for Living a Life of Freedom.  He has consulted for the distribution release and summit creation for CHASING THE PRESENT (2020). He spearheaded the Summit release for the NETFLIX hit and #1 iTunes Best-Seller FANTASTIC FUNGI. And in addition to this, he is currently in production on the feature documentary SELLING SUPERMAN (2024) and developing three docu-series and two features that are meaningful, inspiring, and bring wisdom through entertainment.



i2i Productions

Santa Monica, CA 


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