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THE POLYGON (2014):  A Feature Documentary Film    
Directed and Produced by Adam Schomer & i2i Productions


A feature documentary film by filmmaker Adam Schomer and veteran actress Kimberley Jospeh (Lost, Cold Feet ) that takes us on a journey to understand a Kazakh village that lies just 18km from a former Soviet Nuclear Test site. The Polygon was responsible for over 600 nuclear explosions that left the land, water & local people irradiated forever. 

Furthering the problem, the Kazakh Government that fought so hard to stop the testing and gain independence from the Soviet Union 20 years ago, has turned its back on the villagers, leaving them forgotten and fending for themselves on the vast Kazakh Steppe. 

Those that live near this area everyday and battle with high Cancer rates, Leukemia, deformations, irradiated food, irradiated water and even irradiated DNA which passes on from generation to generation.

You will be amazed you didn't know about this or how deeply radiation can affect us all. If we cannot take responsibility for these real victims of the Cold War, giving them attention and help, then how will we ever find value from the real lessons of nuclear warfare.

Available Now on Amazon and Amazon Prime

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