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GIRL BEFORE A MIRROR (2017):  A Documentary Short Film    
Edited by i2i Productions and Adam Schomer



Featuring the courageous and charismatic Genevieve, this documentary short dives deep into the blurred world of traumatic brain injury, her 13 brain surgeries, and the awakened dream she experienced while in a coma that lead her to the new identity she lives in now. We see the astounding disciplined and positive attitude that lead her out of the dark hole of no memory and brought her face to face with reality. 

The film features renowned illusionist David Blaine, a dear friend of Genevieve, and the famous artist Chuck Close, another dear friend of Genevieve who himself also suffered major injury and was forced to redefine himself. 

Produced by John Reiss. Directed by Jill Goldman. Edited by Adam Schomer. In this film's dream-like nature and candid interview insights, we experience an incredibly well crafted piece of story-telling.

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