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THE HIGHEST PASS (2012):  A Feature Documentary Film    
Written, Directed and Produced by Adam Schomer & i2i Productions


Part heart-pounding adventure, part spiritual quest, THE HIGHEST PASS, premiered its theatrical release in Los Angeles at Laemmle’s theatres to sold out audiences. The award-winning film shares the journey of seven seekers who follow a guru with a Vedic death prophecy on a motorcycle trip up to the highest pass of the Indian Himalayas. 

The young guru, Anand Mehrotra, takes us on a motorcycle journey that will begin in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of yoga, and will end in the high mountain region of Ladakh.  Adam Schomer accepts the challenge, even though he’s never ridden a motorcycle and joins Mehrotra, who at twenty-seven bears a prophecy that he will die in an accident before the age of thirty. Five men and one woman join this expedition that will take them 2000 km over some of the most dangerous roads in the world where they ultimately climb over the highest motorable mountain pass en route to facing death. “Only the one who dies, truly lives.” Over 21 days and up to an elevation of 18,000 feet along a winding road, they never let low oxygen, altitude sickness, river-flooded roads, icy edges, snow and loaded trucks dampen their spirits or, ultimately, their deeper selves.

Jon Anderson, leader singer of YES, wrote two songs for the film (“The Highest Pass” and “Waking Up”) with composer Michael Mollura. 

The film won the Spotlight Award at Topanga and has also received the Audience Award at San Diego Film Festival and the Jury Prize for Best Documentary at the Naples International Film Festival.

"The highest road in the world is within us, this whole journey is to know that. 

Available Now on Amazon, Vimeo, iTunes

and streaming on FoodMattersTV (FMTV) and GAIA.   

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