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Fantastic Fungi Global Summit

Live Panels, Demos, Q&As and more

​The Fantastic Fungi Global Summit is hosted by director Louie Schwartzberg and inspired by the hit success of the Netflix documentary, a #1 iTunes hit, 100% Rotten Tomatoes and featured in Rolling Stone, Vogue, NY Times, Washington Post and more.

The documentary film truly inspired a movement and the summit is helping this movement reach even more people, share the education and intelligence of the fungi world, and help remind us of our connection to mother earth.


Over 40 top experts in Fungi wisdom, including Deepak Chopra, MD, Paul Stamets, Michael Pollan and more... Deep full interviews. Plus 7 LIve panels & music events, all online. 


Fantastic Fungi Online Summit Produced by Adam Schomer & i2i Productions

Marketed co produced by Kirt Eftekar and Area23a Productions

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