SELLING SUPERMAN:  A Feature Documentary, Now in Production   
From i2i Productions, Written & Directed by Adam Schomer



Log Line:  Can selling one of the most expensive comics of all time rewrite the tormented legacy of his father’s mental illness?

Short Synopsis:  It will be one of the most expensive sales of a Superman comic ever (over $3.5 million) as Darren embarks into the strange and utterly booming world of comic books. It is a world of the most passionate superhero fans, of Hollywood overexposure, of a rising collectibles market, and of true authentic comic lovers being threatened by commodity driven investors. Amidst all this, Darren has his personal journey of self-discovery through finding the true value and meaning of a beloved hero and book - the prized possession of his father, whose Asperger’s (ASD) drove him to collect in a fascinating way. In the end, the obsessive collecting caused painstaking family traumas, divorce, mental health issues, and leaves Darren with one final adventure to pick up the pieces, reveal his own true inner hero, and see if he is ready for: SELLING SUPERMAN.  

Niche/Genre:  Super Heroes, Comics, Collectors, Obsession Docs

Sizzle available to watch for interested Executive Producers and Production Partners

Please Contact Adam Schomer:  adam (at) livingi2i.com